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From a Mahmud Kianush's Letter to Ali Zarrin, 7/28/2004:

"Dear Dr. Zarrin, Hello! Thank you for sending me your books. I received them yesterday and last night I read a few poems from each book. I will read them carefully when I find time for reading serious things seriously, but as my first impression, I must tell you that, as you know, today Iranian poets, young and old, in their thousands write poems in prose, and not what I call "musical prose", and you are one of the few who know what is the difference between "prose" and "musical prose" or "non-aroozi" poetry. You know your words. You know their musical values and their cultural characters. You choose them carefully and that is very important. You do not take them out from the top of the vocabulary bag! I will talk to you about them properly after reading them properly. Now only a few words to let you know of my first impression."

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