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From a Lee Christopher's Letter to Ali Zarrin, 12/26/2004

Oh my, oh my, oh my! I have just finished reading from beginning to end (before I only read bits and pieces, picking it up from time to time and simply opening a page and reading it and enjoying your voice on the page). But this morning, I sat down in a comfortable chair in my writing room and I read The Book of I. What a wonderful and provocative poem this is! Ali, you simply must perform this poem. For some reason, I could also hear some sort of low ancient drum in the background coming in and out at various times. There are so many lines that resonate with me. This is a poem of our times and more people simply must know about it. Ali, I truly can?t thank you enough for this wonderful poem. It healed some of the anger I?ve held listening day after day about so many young men dying and so many people here being cold and hungry. The poem helped me realize more deeply what a kind and generous poet and man you are. At the moment I am simply overwhelmed with the reminder of how powerful poetry is, how it writes our hearts and the hearts of others on the page and how magnificently you have done this in The BOOK of I. Thank you, Ali, for The BOOK of I.

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